[OFF TOPIC] Make another blog with title “michanlovejapanandkorea”


Hi ^^ Annyeong ~~Hajimemashite ^^

If Michan have to  introduce herself, our readers may already know who it is “Michan” ^o^ (I guess) ~~~
Michan is main admin/founder of wordpress site : michanloveboyteenfinite.wordpress.com >. <

And this is the site for the first time Michan post on September 1, 2012 (coinciding with the Infinite First Win ^ o ^) but it Michan made ​​on August 27, 2012 (coinciding with Yeollie oppa’s birthday ^___^) —— kyaaa ^^ Lucky me 😀

In this site Michan no longer discuss boyband like michanloveboyteenfinite site 🙂
here, Michan specially dedicated for readers who wants to know more about Japan and Korea ^_^

Culture, language, customs, entertainment, festivals, fashion or style and much more ^ ^ And for Japan, Michan will also post about anime >. < Uuhhh ~ ~ Michan loves ANIME 😀 😀 😀

Michan also post about Korean state especially South Korea 😀 that has many girlband and boyband >o<
Btw, to schedule posts, Michan’ve decided to split it into every month, meaning this month for Japan and next month for Korea, as well as so on .. in order to be well-organized by Michan 🙂

But not close the possibility if Michan also post about Korea that month when it should Japan >. < ke ke ke

Regulations in michanloveboyteenfinite.wordpress.com and on this blog SAME and if anyone wants to request (about Korea or Japan) you can visit the “Request” page ^o^

Ok, thanks for your attention ^^ bye ~~ annyeong ~~ onegaishimasu ~~






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